Nemaco offers you UL-Listed outdoor and indoor waterproof enclosures for electronic projects in various designs, materials, color, option and features.

We manufacture toughest waterproof box adherence NEMA 6 and 6P on NEMA 250 type standard specification (Resource) and IP rating standard. Our enclosures are approve by UL(Underwriters Laboratories) to provide you protection against ingress of any water in occasional temporary and prolonged submersion at limit depth.

Our waterproof electrical enclosures can be customized wiht various options and features;

  • cable gland,
  • Roxtec seal,
  • many types of gasket including ul-listed,
  • backpanel, captive hardware,
  • hinge,
  • UL-listed or non-UL-listed as request,
  • window,
  • depth of submersion


Our waterproof enclosure designs are passed NEMA 6 and 6P criteria of UL50, 50E adherence NEMA 250 rating, which enclosures and boxes need to give protection against water in submersion circumstance under 6 ft (1.8 m) of water for 24 hours and must be result in “NO WATER” get inside.


Nemaco has company standard quality control on all our waterproof enclosures, we carefully test every boxes 24 hours under simulated environment compare to 6ft or 1.8m depth of submersion, and make sure that no leak anywhere on enclosure.

We test both pressure and vacumn on all enclosures compatible to 15 ft submersion in depth using quility and relaiable equipment.

Nemaco Waterproof enclosure ratings

Our waterproof enclosures are compatible to both NEMA and IP ratings; NEMA 6/6P and IP67/IP68 enclosures.

Nemaco waterproof enclosures rated in ip and NEMA rating standard

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We manufacture different materials to provide different features suitable your application.


Nemaco offers different grade of stainless steel for fabricating waterproof enclosures.

  • 304
  • 304L (Low carbon)
  • 316
  • 316L (Low carbon)

So you might have a question, which one should I choose between 304 and 316 stainless steel?


The different between these two is type 316 has more nickel and molybdenum than type 304, these make grade 316 stainless steel a bit higher cost than 304. Other components are mostly comparable.

Therefore, grade 316 SSL has better corrosion resistance performance than 304, specially when consider about chlorides and chlorinated environment.

So, if your application requires to be exposure to salt, chlorides, choose a better one like grade 316 stainless steel would fit your project, however if none of those isn’t a concern for your project, 304 would be fit and save a little cost for you.


Choosing between these little details sometimes are quite tricky, Consult an experienced engineering team today!


We also offer different grade of aluminum for fabricating lightweight waterproof enclosures. Nemaco manufacture 2 grades of aluminum which are,

  • 5052 aluminum
  • 6061 aluminum

Aluminum 5052-H32 and 6061 are excellent in fabrication a variety of industrial applications such as; telecommunication cabinets, lift stations, traffic control equipment enclosures and water and waste water treatment applications.

Aluminum waterproof enclosures are light weight, provides high heat dissipation due to its excellent heat conduction characteristics, also superior corrosion resistance (especially hydrogen sulfide). However, aluminum a bit more costly than stainless steel, if your application requires lightweight enclosures, we recommend aluminum, otherwise, stainless steel would do the job.


  • Powder coated aluminum
  • Powder coated steel

            Nemaco’s powder coated finishes ensure the enclosures provide corrosion resistance for both aluminum and steel. We offer different colors for powder coated; white, light grey, black and orange. We also have excellent grade for UL-Listed approved for corrosion resistance on powder coating aluminum as well.


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