Ratings: NEMA 4 vs. NEMA 4X

Which Electrical Enclosure Should You Choose?

One of the most commonly used NEMA type enclosure used for indoor or outdoor applications are NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X rating. The primary challenges industrial companies face today is what type of electrical enclosure they should purchase to protect their equipment from being damaged. It is of utmost importance that proper protection should be placed to ensure the smoothness of company operations. With that in mind, design engineers should determine if the engineering project would be needing an indoor and outdoor protection.

NEMA 4 & NEMA 4X: What are the differences?

From NEMA 250-2003, both types are constructed for Outdoor Nonhazardous Locations.

NEMA 4 rating Application

This electronics enclosure is primarily used for engineering projects that requires indoor protection for company’s electronic equipment. NEMA 4 enclosures give protection from solid and water ingress that can occur from windblown dust, rain, splashing or hose directed water. It can also give protection from ice formation that can possibly occur on the outside surface of the cabinet.

The NEMA 4 enclosure is ideal to be used in industrial processes where there is occurrence water hose spray needed to cool down machine tool cutter. This enclosure can also be used if there is a possibility of having water dripping inside a building or a warehouse. In most cases, the enclosure is manufactured with drip edge or gutter to be able to collect water located near the seals of the enclosure. It is made with tight, quality seal gaskets to prevent water ingress and to make sure that the cabinet door is properly and tightly clamped to achieve perfect sealing. However, unlike NEMA 4X, this cabinet does not have corrosion protection and cannot be used for outdoor applications.

NEMA 4X rating Application

NEMA 4X can be used for both indoor or outdoor applications for engineering projects and they give degree of protection from corrosion formation that can occur from submarine or offshore locations. Like the NEMA 4, it can also give protection from solid or water ingress that can occur from dust, rain, splashing or hose directed water. It can also protect equipment from damage that can occur from ice formation.

The main difference of NEMA 4X from the NEMA 4 is the former is manufactured from corrosion resistant materials. This can range from stainless steel to plastic material. The NEMA 4X is ideal for applications and environments where there is presence of corrosive inducing elements such as saltwater, acid, and caustic cleaners. With that being said, NEMA 4X is the

NEMA 4 vs NEMA 4X rating comparison chart

Nemaco manufacture both NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X rating cabinets, our boxes in both types are ul-listed for junction and pull box.

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