Air Conditioned Enclosures

Nemaco offers Air Conditioned enclosures for Climate Control. We have a full line of air conditioner & climate control solutions for (indoor/outdoor) electrical enclosures including cooling for 19 inch rackmount server cabinets. In order to provide optimum solutions of great quality, Nemaco offers the Thermal Edge brand of air conditioners to our customers. We choose them because Thermal Edge is a leader in designing and manufacturing quality air conditioners and other related climate control equipment in Irving, Texas near the city of Dallas (which is the home of the Dallas Cowboys).

Thermal Edge Air Conditioners

Thermal Edge manufactures and integrates exceptional quality digitally controlled Freon based air conditioners using premium sophisticated electronic and durable mechanical parts. They have devoted extensive engineering to design and create unique features that are beyond other air conditioning company brands on the market. In a nutshell, here are a few of the key features and advantages of Thermal Edge air conditioners that will endure rain, sunshine, snow, dust and other environmental applications.

Thermal Edge Characteristic

  • Excellent Product Design
  • Excellent Durability & Reliability
  • Remote Digital Control Option Available
  • Compact Size Cooling Solutions are available
  • Cooling from 1,000 to 10,000 BTU (British thermal units)
  • Easy Air Conditioner Installation (cut-out patterns available)
  • Multiple Electrical Voltage & (Hz) Frequency ranges available
  • Maintenance Manuals & Technical Information for easy repair
  • Product Support for all technical solutions by telephone & email
  • Air Filter Solutions: washable aluminum filters & deep pleated filters
  • Master & Slave Digital Controllers for syncing two air conditioners

Nemaco – Air Conditioners and Climate Control Solutions

We install climate control solutions for enclosures with the following ratings for indoor and outdoor applications:

  • NEMA 4 – Air Conditioners in powder coated steel (indoor/outdoor)
  • NEMA 4X – Air Conditioners in (304 / 316L) stainless (indoor/outdoor)
  • NEMA 12 – Air Conditioners in powder coated steel (indoor only)

Please check out our NEMA 4 Enclosures that give a level of protection against direct water hose. As well as, NEMA 12 that oil resistance enclosures. In additional, NEMA 4X Enclosures that are NEMA 4 performance plus corrosion protection. Moreover, Nemaco manufactures enclosures with different level of protection adherence NEMA rating standard.

Air Conditioner BTU Sizing Calculations Available on Request

Nemaco can assist and provide thermal cooling estimates to customers on request when the customers provide “accurate and detailed” information about their applications. It is ideal to have all the thermal information (related to indoor, outdoor, direct or indirect sun, full or partial shade, world temperature zones (for thermal loads and freezing), electrical loads, percent conversion to heat, duty cycles, environmental temperature considerations and including dust or other factors) in order to obtain correct air conditioner BTU sizing. Typically, we refer to air conditioning manufacturers for technical expertise for the solution for applications.

Other Cooling and Climate Control Solutions

Also, Nemaco provides other climate control solutions. Here are a few details about other types of solutions.

  • Cooling Fans (for forced air cooling on intake and exhaust vents)
  • Mechanical Thermostats (bi-metal) with metal DIN rail brackets
  • Sun Shields to reduce outdoor sun radiation and heat loads
  • Radiant Barrier Thermal Foam Insulation & other materials
  • Air to Air – Heat Exchanger for lower cost cooling solutions
  • Metal & Plastic (PVC) piping and vents for air flow control

Call Nemaco for more information about great solutions for (indoor/outdoor) air conditioned electrical enclosures and 19 inch rack server cabinets or other solutions including (forced convection) fan cooling and other industrial (pulp & paper, lumber, waster water, filtration, manufacturing facilities) and commercial applications. Nemaco is located in the Lone Star state of Texas.