Nemaco manufactures large free standing electrical enclosures in 304 & 316L grades of stainless steel and powder coated carbon steel. Free standing cabinets are similar to the floor mount enclosures but free standing enclosures don’t have a floor support kit. Therefore, free standing cabinets must have a deeper base below the front door(s). Commonly, the door(s) on free standing cabinets are deeper in the base and that deep base provides a 6 inches gap or space from the floor. The deep base on the enclosures prevents the front door from scraping or hitting something on the floor. We design free standing cabinets with a deep (front to back) and wide base for enclosure stability.   

Nemaco offers optional floor kits to customers that want additional support to anchor enclosures to concrete floors or wood structures. Optional floor mount kits that are welded to the enclosure bodies provide rigid and additional strong floor support. Also, the floor kits are available in standard sizes (6”, 8”, 10”,12” tall) and custom size heights are available on request.  

We offer free standing mount products with the following environmental ratings:  

  • NEMA 3R – Rain Resistant (downward rain) 
  • NEMA 4   –  Spray Wash Down Resistant (powder coated steel) 
  • NEMA 4X –  Spray Wash Down Resistant (stainless or powder coated aluminum) 
  • NEMA 12 –  Dust Resistant and Resistant to Dripping Water from pipes 


  • NEMA Ratings – enclosures & cabinets are available in Type 3R, 4, 4X,12 
  • Quarter Turn Latches – are standard on the Free Standing Enclosures. 
  • JIC Screw Latches (clamp hardware) are available on enclosures on request. 
  • Security Hardware,- keylock handles, padlock provisions, hasps, tamper-proof bolts. 
  • 3 Pt. Latch Mechanism – provide good seals and for security for electrical panels to access equipment & controls. 
  • Single & Double Doors – are available on enclosures and cabinets with welded or removable center post for double door cabinets. Removable center post allows easy access to install large equipment and allows space to large interior plates. 
  • Continuous Hinges – are installed on enclosures with doors. Continuous hinges that are strong and durable to provide a wide range of rotation to swing open doors and allowing full access to electronics, wiring and other components inside enclosures. 
  • Lifting Lugs – standard and custom lifting pads for most large enclosures & cabinets. 
  • Window Kits – are available clear & tinted options on the enclosures and doors 
  • Gland Cover Plates – for multi-pin receptacles, cable connectors, conduit fittings.  
  • 19” Rackmount Rails – are available with #10-32 and 3/8” square holes for cage nuts. 
  • Custom Cut-Outs – Holes & cut-outs can be added to enclosures. 
  • Interior Plates – in white powder coated steel, aluminum or (304 / 316L) stainless steel. 
  • Environmental Gaskets – are installed on the NEMA enclosures and control cabinets. 
  • Ground Studs – ¼-20 and 3/8-16 in stainless steel. 

Call us for custom enclosure and cabinet solutions for your engineering project.