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Nemaco Technology, LLC, is located in the Lone Star State of Texas. The company centrally located USA and it is ideal for distribution from the Houston area. We are the international leader for providing excellent quality electrical cabinets and NEMA type enclosures to commercial and industrial customers including E&C (engineering & construction firms), electrical power utility companies, research & development labs, telecommunication companies, chemical plants, manufacturing plants, drilling platform contractors and US defense contractors.

Nemaco can offer customers a full catalog in PDF format of standard enclosure designs (in aluminum, stainless, fiberglass materials) that can be customized for new applications. We offer solutions for electrical contractors that can purchased products from wholesale distributors. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) can contact us related to specialty manufacturing solutions. Call Us for your custom stainless steel electrical cabinets or NEMA enclosures. Nemaco offers NEMA electrical enclosure solutions to North America, Caribbean, Pacific Islands & US territories, select countries in the Middle East and the entire western European markets.


  • NEMA Rated Electrical Enclosures (Type: 1, 3R, 4, 4X, 6, 6P, 12)
  • Electrical Cabinets (Wall Mount, Free Standing & Floor Mount)
  • Rackmount Server Cabinets (19” EIA racks).
  • Submersible Electrical Enclosures, UL Listed
  • Standard Product designs in aluminum, stainless steel & FRP


  • Custom NEMA & Electrical Enclosure Design
  • Custom Powder Coatings and Metal Finishing
  • Chemical passivation for Stainless Steel
  • Product Mechanical Assembly & Custom Packaging
  • Advance Performance Testing for some applications
  • Metal work & Structural Fabrication
  • Machined Parts (Aluminum & Stainless steel)


Dana Johnson

Founder, President

Mr. Johnson has extensive knowledge of manufacturing and he founded the company in 2003. He is the degreed engineer in both mechanical and electrical engineering. He is working with the company’s employees and supply company partners to provide quality solutions to our customers.

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