Excellent Electrical Enclosures
Nemaco Technology ★ Houston Texas USA

Excellent Electrical Enclosures
Nemaco Technology
Houston Texas USA


NEMACO™ guarantees quality solutions to customers.


NEMACO™ offers 100% performance testing for submersible enclosures.


NEMACO™ works toward complete solutions for customers.


NEMACO™ guides customers for 100% success in projects.

Nemaco | Expert in Customize Electrical Enclosures

Nemaco Technology is a NEMA Enclosures manufacturers located in Houston, Texas, U.S.A., the leader for providing excellent quality custom electrical cabinets and NEMA type enclosures used for speciality indoor & outdoor applications for industrial customers, engineering construction firms, electrical power utility facilities, R&D labs, satellite microwave telecommunications, chemical processing plants, manufacturing plants, electrical utilities, oil & gas energy industry, offshore oil production facilities, drilling platform contractors and US security & defense contractors. Nemaco™ can provide a huge assortment of standard enclosure designs, custom shapes and sizes whereby most of the cabinets are locally manufactured. All of Nemaco’s NEMA Electrical Enclosures and Outdoor 19″ Rack Server Cabinets are designed and fabricated to top industrial manufacturing standards.