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Excellent IP & NEMA Electrical Enclosures

Nemaco Powder coated Aluminum NEMA 4X Enclosure


We offer excellent electrical NEMA rating enclosures.
Nemaco manufactures different NEMA ratings, 3R, 4, 4X, 6, 6P and 12 adherence NEMA 250 standard with various choice of materials and customizable features to suit your applications.

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Customize Nemaco Stainless Steel NEMA enclosures and cabinets


We specialize in manufacture custom enclosures.
Nemaco offers various options, features and materials to customize the enclosures unsure to suitable with your applications.

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Nemaco Stainless steel server rack NEMA 4X floor mount enclosure cabinet opened front view


Nemaco offers
19″ adjustable server rack rails cabinets and enclosures.

We provide different types of enclosures and cabinets follow
IP and NEMA standard.

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Nemaco | Expert in Customize Electrical Enclosures

Nemaco Technology is a NEMA Enclosures manufacturer located in Houston, Texas, U.S.A.. We are leaders in providing quality custom electrical cabinets and NEMA type enclosures used for specialty indoor & outdoor applications by industrialists customers, engineering construction firms, electrical power utility facilities, R&D labs, satellite microwave telecommunications, chemical processing plants, manufacturing plants, electrical utilities, oil & gas energy industry, offshore oil production facilities, drilling platform contractors and US security & defense contractors.

We provides a wide variety of standard enclosures as well customized designs to fit each client’s individual needs.. All of Nemaco’s NEMA Electrical Enclosures and Outdoor 19″ Rack Server Cabinets are designed and fabricated to top industrial manufacturing standards.